Treker beacon - A safer, better solution

To address the unreliability, inaccuracy and high cost of RFID used by existing systems, Treker developed a first-in-market encrypted BLE Beacon sensor system.

  • Substantial cost reduction.
  • Improve accuracy and reliability.
  • Increase efficiency of the check in/out process through passive detection.
  • Easy deployment.

Beacon added pinpoint accuracy and reliability for Check In and Check Out capture and notification

Simple, realiable and safer solution.

Google Eddystone EID

The Eddystone-EID frame broadcasts an encrypted ephemeral identifier that changes periodically at a rate determined during the initial registration with a web service. The broadcast ephemeral ID can be resolved remotely by the service with which it was registered, but to other observers appears to be changing randomly. This frame type is intended for use in security and privacy-enhanced devices.

Safer encryption

Eddystone-UID: A unique, static ID with a 10-byte Namespace component and a 6-byte Instance component.

Easy deploment

No RFID reader needed to track and support CheckIn and CheckOut (CICO) function.

Low energy

Treker beacon card are based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) as standard.

Stronger and reliable signal

Treker Beacon card uses battery and would last for one year.

Fully secure end-to-end

The shared key between an individual beacon and a beacon registry is exchanged at the time the beacon is provisioned using an elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol. This protocol is robust against an insecure channel between the beacon that is being provisioned and the service performing the resolution.

Preserve user privacy and enhanced safety