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Why do we want Treker in our nations school buses?

At Treker, our passion for technology is exceeded only by the love for our families.  We found a way to combine the two. Sending our children to school on the school bus can be stressful and any way to reduce that worry helps us to get on with our day knowing that our children are safely on the school bus or have arrived at their destination.

Ensure children get on the bus safely

Daily, there are incidents where some drivers are careless regarding the safety of school children on-loading and off-loading the school bus. Recent reports have shown the dangerous disregard towards student safety by some drivers as seen in this news clip. We cannot account for other’s disregard for the safety of our children, however we can help make sure that parents know their children have boarded their bus safely and are on their way to school.

Parents know that their children arrive at school safely

We are not able to ensure the safety of our children whilst travelling to and from school, however, we can ensure that the parents know when the school bus arrives safely at school to drop their children off or departs school with their children safely on board. Using GPS tracking, our software keeps an up to date record of the whereabouts of the school bus carrying your child by sending real time updates to your computer or to our app that you can download onto your smart phone. Following the live location of the school bus and receiving a notification once it has arrived at school brings peace of mind to the parents or guardian of the student.

Communications with parents/guardians is ESSENTIAL regarding unexpected and unavoidable routing changes.

School buses, like all transport, can break down from time to time. Situations like these can leave parents/ guardians worried without knowledge as to why their child hasn’t reach school or home on schedule. Parents prefer to know their children’s location and safety at all times.  Harrowing stories like this one remind us that when the unforeseeable happens it can be a frightening experience for parents/ guardians.


With Treker’s live, real time bus tracking system, parents/guardians can keep up to date with the exact location of the school bus carrying their children, so that if the school bus schedule is ever altered for whatever the reason, parents/guardians will know exactly where their bus is located and what is happening.  Providing transparent and timely information to the parent/guardian regarding the transporting of the student provides peace of mind.  Uncertainty about the unknown is reduced through communication.  Treker addresses these emotions.

Treker’s app provides caring parents/guardians with a solution to ease the stress of the uncertainties of the school bus journey both to and from school. If you would like to see Treker in your child’s school, please click here.

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