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The 23rd Annual Student Transportation News Conference and Expo - Reno

Treker was a first-time exhibitor at the 23rd annual Student Transportation News Conference and Expo held late July in Reno, NV. The STN Conference unites pupil transportation professionals and industry experts from across the country. We were thrilled to demonstrate the Treker platform to transportation operations directors, managers, drivers, and dispatchers, and we greatly appreciated the overwhelmingly positive response.

The Treker team met professionals from over 20 districts, assessing the unique needs of each and identifying potential Treker collaborations to address them. For example, a rural Nevada district transporting students on routes that are over 50 miles long faces a different set of challenges than the Utah district we met whose issues revolve around the accuracy of buses’ GPS locations in remote areas, or the urban district that wants automated non-emergency medical transport reimbursement report generation.

Treker’s unique configurability enables us to tailor solutions that address the wide variety of issues that student transportation organizations and professionals face. Don Wolfson, EVP of Business Development, commented “It was surprising to me the number of immediate opportunities to address seemingly daunting challenges that Treker was purpose-built to solve. When a Wyoming transportation director explained his frustrations, we responded within one week to demonstrate a fully functioning Treker solution that resolved his student tracking dilemma. Our participation at the STN Expo provided us numerous introductions to qualified organizations like our new Wyoming clients—who went from introduction to demonstration to contracts in less than 30 days after our expo meeting.”

About Us:
Treker delivers innovative solutions to enhance student safety and increase efficiency in student transportation. Our real-time tracking and communications platform was created to service students, parents, school administrators, bus drivers and bus contractors by mapping real-time school bus locations, tracking on- and off-boarding of students on each bus, and providing configurable messages, alerts and reports for authorized parties.

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