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Health Pass

The Treker “Ahead Of The Curve” Initiative

To empower school districts during the pandemic and beyond, we’ve added smart new features to the industry’s most advanced communication platform.

Health Pass

Keeping an eye on the wellbeing of our children is always important, yet it’s even more crucial during a pandemic. This was the inspiration behind our latest enhancement to our communication platform. The Treker Health Pass comes with the latest version of the parent and rider apps, and serves two major functions if the district opts to use it. First, it encourages parents to frequently monitor and update the health of their kids. Second, it keeps drivers and school officials in the loop if a student’s health condition changes.

How it works

With the Health Pass, parents provide an update on their child’s health status every two days. With each update they’re asked to enter details such as the presence of a temperature, cough, a sore throat, etc. Based on this information, green, yellow and red identifiers allow drivers and school admins to quickly note a rider’s wellness level.

Parents can even set a notification to be alerted when it’s time to provide new health information. It’s just one more way we’re doing our best to keep students, families and communities safe and healthy.

There’s more ahead

The Treker Health Pass is one of several new features we’re creating to keep students, staff and families safe and healthy. To learn more about our Ahead Of The Curve Initiative, or for a demo of the Treker communication platform, reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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