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The Trek

Join us for the journey.

We envision a world in which every child gets to school and home again safely, every day. Achieving this is our mission—our trek. Let’s get there together.

Why do we want Treker in our nations school buses?

At Treker, our passion for technology is exceeded only by the love for our families.  We found a way to combine the two. Sending our children to school on the school bus can be stressful and any way to reduce that worry helps us to get on with our day knowing that our children are safely on the school bus or have arrived at their destination.

The Treker 'Heartbeat'

At Treker we are focused on producing and using the most up to date technology to help ensure our children have the safest school journey possible and for everyone to be able to benefit from it. This way we can give all parents peace of mind.

Treker introduces Check In, Check Out service

Treker Check In, Check Out service provides parents and guardians with peace of mind while their child is travelling to and from school. Using RFID technology we gather information when a child enters and exits the school bus. This information is then used to notify parents that their children have safely got on and off of the school bus. Parents are notified using in-app and push notifications as well as the option to receive an SMS message.

Our experience at New York Tech Day

Yesterday Treker took part in NY Tech Day 2015, which is labeled one of the world’s largest startup events. Located at Manhattans Pier 92, it saw over 400 exhibitors and well over 10,000 people enter its doors for the free event.

Visitors included various startup founders, the general public and most importantly venture capitalists looking to invest in the latest and greatest startups. A reported $8.5 Billion was invested in startups at the event according to its organizers.

At the Treker stand we were kept busy all day showing off our school bus tracking mobile application. Demonstrating how it works along with explaining the technology, which powers it, to parents, investors and others taking part in the event.

If you missed Treker at NY Tech Day you’ve come to the right place to learn more about what we do.

Treker is a mobile application for both Apple IOS and Google Android, which enables parents to track in real-time their children’s safety to and from school. The app notifies the parents of their children’s bus location using in-app notifications, SMS and call alerts. Parents can configure how they want to be notified and how long before the bus arrives the notification should be sent.

If you want to know more about how Treker came to be click here

Treker at New York Tech Day

New York Tech day – With over 400 exhibitions and 10,000+ visitors the New York Tech day is the largest startup event in the world. Today, April the 23rd, you will find Trekers’ stand and the entire team who have flown in from three separate continents to showcase Treker.


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