Innovative features for the benefit of parents, students, schools and drivers
Treker LCCA
Online management portal for administrators
Private, secure platform for parents
Authorize additional guardians as trackers
Share route tracking
Real-time GPS tracking of bus on map
Real-time GPS tracking of bus fleet on map
Route guide, pick up, and drop off stops visible on map
Playback feature retraces the full historic run
Ridership tracking with Treker Smart Passage
Ridership tracking with student’s GPS enabled smartphone/tabletB
Real-time estimates of bus arrival times
Customized alerts to receive notifications of estimated bus arrival timesB, C
Alerts sent via multiple methodsB
Alert via phone call
Alert via SMS (text message)
Alert via App
Ability for parent to make real-time change requests to schedule or routeB
All student riders listed by name and photo ID
Comprehensive reporting with date/time stamp

A - Key features of multiple leading competitors combined (LCC). Not every competitor has all features selected as shown.

B - Patent-Pending

C - May set different time limit for approaching bus at pick-up, arrival at school, and student drop-off at bus stop.

Treker provides total flexibility to meet each unique district's needs