Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The Treker platform provides advantages for NEMT, as well as those with special needs who ride public school buses.

Unique solutions for unique situations.

Treker enables NEMT providers to create customized schedules which can easily be updated to incorporate last-second ride requests and cancellations. Our real-time communications platform enables information to be shared instantaneously through voice, text or email messaging. Vehicles and passengers are tracked in real-time, so parents and guardians know riders are traveling safely and on time. In addition, providers can manage each trip, vehicle and even Medicaid or Medicare reimbursements through the Treker NEMT portal.

  • Alert via App

  • Alert via SMS

  • Alert via Automated Call

  • Special needs students
    Safety and peace-of-mind at every turn.

    Each day, parents and guardians are notified how near the bus is so they can make sure their special needs student is ready and in the right location at exactly the right time. Our gate-key system enables students to board without having to locate a card, then scan or swipe it Once aboard, passengers are tracked in realtime,so all involved know their student has arrived and departed safely and on time. Treker's tablet-based checklist also requires drivers to perform a manual end-of-day walk-thru to ensure every child is safely off the bus.

  • Check in and check out alert

  • Comprehensive pick-up and drop-off

  • Ensure every child is safely off the bus