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Ahead Of The Curve

To empower school districts during the pandemic and beyond, we’ve added smart new features to the industry’s most advanced communication platform.

Contact Tracing Report

There are a lot of unknowns right now, in our neighborhoods and our nation as a whole. As we take steps to regain a sense of normalcy in our lives, here’s a sure thing: contact tracing will play a key role in minimizing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. To this end, we’ve introduced a feature that enables admins to pull a Contact Tracing Report if needed. Read More

Face ID Check-in

Treker’s new ridership system is sure to put a smile on the faces of students, drivers and district officials alike. With our new Face ID ridership option, kids can check on and off the bus simply by looking at the driver’s tablet. Using advanced AI technology, the child’s face is matched to a picture provided by the parent or school information system. Read More

Instant Messaging

We launched the Treker platform because we understand that communication is one of the most powerful ways to keep kids safe. Our new Instant Messaging feature makes the communication flow between drivers, admins and parents faster and simpler than ever. Read More

Health Pass

Keeping an eye on the wellbeing of our children is always important, yet it’s even more crucial during a pandemic. This was the inspiration behind our latest enhancement to our communication platform. The Treker Health Pass comes with the latest version of the parent and rider apps, and serves two major functions if the district opts to use it. First, it encourages parents to frequently monitor and update the health of their kids. Second, it keeps drivers and school officials in the loop if a student’s health condition changes. Read More

Step on board

In addition to these new features, we’ve made it even easier to get our platform up and running. In fact, you can take a Treker test run without us installing a single device on your buses. Learn about our Bring Your Own Device policy, as well as how we’re helping districts lower costs while increasing options, here.


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