Treker Smart Passage

A simple, reliable solution that enhances safety while preserving user privacy.

Young students shouldn’t be expected to hunt down a card, then scan or swipe it every time they get on and off the bus. That’s why we developed the industry’s only truly passive technology. Simply clip our fob—we call it a key—to the inside of a backpack, and that’s where it stays. As students climb on the bus, an audio sound of a doorbell lets student and driver know the key has been activated. Administrators and parents are instantaneously notified when a student has checked onto the bus. The same process occurs when students de-board.

Treker is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


A student rider with a Treker Key climbs on the bus, passing by the Treker Gate reader.


The Treker Gate reader sends a signal to the school admin portal, which then sends a notification to the parent app.


Parents receive notification that their child has safely boarded the bus. They can then track the bus en route to school.

Efficient, reliable and affordable.

The Treker Key is encrypted and is only activated while the student is on the bus, which means kids can’t be tracked at any other time. Importantly, each key can last up to five years, making Treker friendly for budgets, too.