How Treker Works

Treker provides a real time communication platform between students, parents, school administrators, bus drivers, and bus contractors by mapping real time school bus routing, tracking the on and off boarding of students, and immediately resolving any inquiries about a student’s location all while transporting its most precious riders… our children.

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Transportation Administrator Portal

Provides total flexibility to meet each unique district’s needs—configure real time reporting, real time alerts of bus and student tracking, and real time emergency response routing from a driver’s push of the button.

RFID/NFC scanner

Detects when each student gets on and off the bus using the district’s preference of either an active or a passive read.

Customized alerts

Available via in-app, SMS text or voice calls that notify parents or guardians of bus arrival times and when their child gets on and off the bus.

Leave No Child Behind

Delivering innovative solutions to enhance student safety and increase efficiency in student transportation.

The Value We Create

By knowing exactly when the bus will arrive at a stop, families will have less time spent waiting outside for the bus and more time for the rest of the morning routine.

Treker Key Features

Treker provides total flexibility to meet each unique district's needs. We are always improving and building more features and functionalities to serve our school districts and transportation providers.


  • Real time GPS tracking of bus on map
  • Configurable alert of bus’ actual arrival time
  • Real time student check in/check out – configurable notifications
  • Ability to authorize additional guardians as trackers
  • Ability to share route tracking

School Administrators

  • Real time GPS tracking of each bus and entire bus fleet on map
  • Real time list of all student riders by name and photo ID
  • Customizable reporting to improve accuracy for Medicaid reimbursement for special needs riders
  • Playback feature to retrace full historic run for audit purposes


  • Real time GPS route guide and all stops visible on map
  • Student manifest of specific students to on board/off board at each stop
  • Daily real time updates of student ridership changes to each route
  • Visual and audio alerts for each student who on boards/off boards bus
  • Visual and audio alert if student gets off at wrong stop
  • Ability to view any special instructions/needs on each student profile
  • Real time emergency notification to school administration and emergency response at the push of a button
  • Every student accounted for at final stop on route. No student accidentally left on bus!

Comprehensive Reporting

Date 2016-02-20

Driver Details John

Bus ID TR0532

Route Name BT20AM


Scheduled Time 7:00amActual Arrival Time 8:03am


Scheduled Time 9:30amActual Arrival Time 9:45am

Missed Stop 2

Delay 5

On Time 18

Total Stops 25

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Designed by Parents for Parents

Set your parent preferences to receive notifications via text, in-app notification, or automated call when the bus arrives to your child’s stop, to your child’s school and when your your child enters and exits the bus.

Treker fits easily on all bus makes and models

What People Are Saying About Treker

Treker app is simple to use... and I simply love it.

Working from my home office, I am often preoccupied and lose track of the school bus arrival time for pick-ups and drop-offs. I set Treker app to alert me via in-app and text message 5 minutes before the bus actually arrives. It lets me see the bus location on the map from my phone in real-time so there’s no more wasting time waiting at the bus stop when it’s running late—especially in poor weather—and I can see when it reaches the school. Plus, I no longer forget and come out late when it arrives for drop-offs in the afternoon. Without question, the Treker estimated bus arrival time notification alerts are absolutely wonderful. Treker app is simple to use... and I simply love it.

Joe P. (Parent, Pennington, NJ)

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