Treker - Real-time school bus and student ridership GPS tracking

Intelligent solutions
for enhance safety, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Smart Passage System for pinpoint accuracy and reliability for Check In and Check Out capture and notification

Student on and off-loading

Smart Passage System allows hassle-free, passive detection of each student entering and exiting the bus.

No expensive transponders

Significant savings on hardware costs. Easy to install. Easier to operate.

Safety is our priority

All information transmitted from and to the Smart Passage System is encrypted to prevent unauthorized detection and identification.

Plug and track

Treker's system was designed with simplicity and cost-effectiveness in mind. Simple implementation, low upfront and monthly operating costs.

The Treker solution works in 3 simple steps

Tablet for bus

Real-time GPS route guidance with all scheduled stops mapped and visible on tablet. Student manifest of specific students (with photos) at each scheduled stop, including visual and audio alerts if a student gets off at the wrong stop.

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Administrator Portal

Easy setup, integration and completely configurable to meet each unique district’s needs—configure real-time reporting, set real-time alerts of bus and student tracking, and real-time emergency response routing with one click.

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Parent App

FREE App download. Set customized alerts and notifications to parents or guardians of bus arrival times. Get alerts with time and location of when a child gets on and off the bus.

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The market-leading real time school communication platform, with more features than any software or app on the market.

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Treker uses Smart Passage System for pinpoint accuracy and reliability for Check In and Check Out capture and notification.

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Privacy and Security

Our fully encrypted end-to-end channel ensures our data is only accessible by those who are given access.

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As parents ourselves, we developed Treker to provide all parents the convenience and peace of mind that their child is being transported safely to and from school.

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Treker's Transportation Administrator Portal provides total flexibility to meet each districts' bus tracking & routing needs.

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NEMT and Special Ed

Providing safety with state-of-the-art tracking technology for children with special needs traveling to and from school.

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Treker app is simple to use... and I simply love it.

Working from my home office, I am often preoccupied and lose track of the school bus arrival time for pick-ups and drop-offs. I set Treker app to alert me via in-app and text message 5 minutes before the bus actually arrives. It lets me see the bus location on the map from my phone in real-time so there’s no more wasting time waiting at the bus stop when it’s running late—especially in poor weather—and I can see when it reaches the school. Plus, I no longer forget and come out late when it arrives for drop-offs in the afternoon. Without question, the Treker estimated bus arrival time notification alerts are absolutely wonderful.

Joe P. (Parent, Pennington, NJ)