Treker - Real-time school bus and student ridership GPS tracking

Technology that moves at the speed of kids.

Say hello to Treker, a real-time tracking platform that instantly delivers information to administrators and parents, while empowering—rather than encumbering—bus drivers. With Treker, there’s no scanning or swiping for students. They simply climb on and off the bus and our proprietary gate-key system does the rest. Bolstered by state-of-the-art GPS, an admin portal and a handy parent app, it’s easy to see why school districts around the country are hopping on board.
One of life’s first lessons:
Be sure to include everyone.

Treker offers advantages for each person involved, because our kids gain the most when we’re all at our best.

For school administrators.
  • A comprehensive solution featuring the industry’s most kid-friendly student tracking technology.
  • Admin portal provides instantaneous tracking information for every student at every stop along the route.
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For parents.
  • Easy-to-use app lets parents know their child has gotten safely on and off the bus—at school and when returning home.
  • Receive notification before the bus arrives so there’s no more waiting outside in bad weather or wondering when to send their kids to the bus stop.
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For drivers.
  • Our tablet-based manifest lets drivers easily confirm students by photo i.d.
  • Helpful checklist ensures bus safety measures are met and all children are accounted for.
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For students.
  • The Treker Key simply clips inside a backpack so kids don’t have to worry about finding a card, then scanning or swiping it every time they get on and off the bus.
  • A fun doorbell sound lets children of all ages know when they’ve been checked on and checked off.
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Working from my home office, I am often preoccupied and lose track of the school bus arrival time for pick-ups and drop-offs. I set Treker app to alert me via in-app and text message 5 minutes before the bus actually arrives. It lets me see the bus location on the map from my phone in real-time so there’s no more wasting time waiting at the bus stop when it’s running late—especially in poor weather—and I can see when it reaches the school. Plus, I no longer forget and come out late when it arrives for drop-offs in the afternoon. Without question, the Treker estimated bus arrival time notification alerts are absolutely wonderful.

Joe P. (Parent, Pennington, NJ)