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A communication platform that touts a proprietary, hands-free check-on system for students, an app for parents, a tablet for drivers, and portals for administrators.
  • TrekCheck

    With TrekCheck, riders easily check on and off the bus as parents and admins are notified in real time. The only solution of its kind in the industry, our proprietary, hands-free technology is also the most accurate. Simply clip our fob to a backpack and TrekCheck does the rest. And don’t worry, parents: each Treker fob is encrypted and shuts down when not in use, so your little ones can’t be traced or tracked.

  • Parent app

    Parents are notified when the bus will arrive, so they can head to the bus stop at just the right time. They’re also alerted in real time when their child checks on and off, and can follow the trips to and from school with a map view. It’s peace of mind at the tip of a finger.

  • Driver tablet

    Mounted next to the steering wheel, the driver tablet displays rider information, route details, upcoming stops, traffic conditions and more—all in real time. Drivers can share alerts with admins and parents, and there’s even an emergency communication system in case of mechanical problems or other unplanned circumstances.

  • Admin portals

    With real-time visibility and tracking of the entire bus fleet, plus accurate details of each student on every bus, the admin portals empower school administrators and transportation directors. They also allow for comprehensive, customizable reporting with just a few clicks, making cumbersome paperwork a thing of the past.


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