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Our communication platform is loaded with new features to help make school travel safer. And thanks to a more flexible pricing structure, it's easy to get Treker up and running. You can even take a free trial run thanks to our "Bring your own device” policy. When it comes to the wellbeing of students and staff, there’s only one way to go.

  • Budget Friendlier

    At Treker, we're relentless in our commitment to keeping kids safe, and budget cuts shouldn't get in the way of that. From our 'bring your own device' policy, to free trials, elimination of long contracts, and reader-free check-in, Treker is now more flexible, less expensive, and a breeze to onboard.

  • SPED/Medicare

    We’re committed to helping districts, parents, and guardians meet the unique needs of special education (SPED) students. With Treker, you can monitor vehicles and passengers in real time while communicating through voice, text, or email messaging. You can manage each trip, and even change pick-up times through the Treker app. Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements are submitted digitally through the Treker admin portal. This not only saves time, but reduces confusion and costly errors caused by filling forms out by hand.

  • Paul Lee School Bus Safety Law Compliance

    Our TrekAlert system helps ensure your district is in compliance by requiring drivers to inspect the entire bus at the end of every shift. With TrekAlert, drivers must press a button at the back of the bus within three minutes of turning off the vehicle. If the button is not pushed, an alarm is triggered—interior and exterior lights flash, and the horn honks until the system is reset. When deployed with our communication platform, an emergency message is immediately sent to school officials and local law enforcement. No other solution offers kids this degree of protection. TrekAlert is wireless, which saves time and money on installation costs.

  • Transportation contractor portal

    If your district works with a transportation contractor, no worries. We’ll set up a portal that allows your contractor to manage its fleet while you maintain oversight. Which means you have visibility—including access to daily and monthly reporting—as your contractor handles the day-to-day bus and rider responsibilities. Less pressure on your school district and all the oversight you want. We call that a win-win.

  • Admin portal

    Our admin portal provides real-time visibility and tracking of the entire bus fleet, so administrators can see which students are riding the bus and which ones aren’t. Transportation directors manage the fleet, monitor traffic conditions and keep tabs on students in real time. Importantly, all parties can stay in contact with each other, and with parents, to ensure every student is accounted for and safe. This portal even allows authorized parties to create customized reports with just a few clicks. In addition, each school in the district has its own portal to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their buses and students.

  • Parent app

    With this app, parents can see when the bus will arrive so they can get their kids to the bus stop on time. Thanks to our hands-free student check-on system—TrekCheck—they’re notified when their child boards the bus and gets off at the right stop. They can view the trip with a real-time map view, and let the school and driver know if their child won’t be on the bus that day. Improved communication like this makes all the difference.

  • Driver tablet

    A state-of-the-art tablet is mounted next to the steering wheel for easy access and is loaded with features drivers can use to keep kids safe and stay on schedule. Traffic conditions, route details and upcoming stops are always within arm’s reach. The tablet is part of our communication platform, so drivers can stay in touch with parents, admins and transportation directors throughout the trip.


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