Treker GPS Bus Tracking | Designed by Parents for Parents

Created by parents for parents.

At Treker, our passion for technology is exceeded only by our love for our families. The idea to set up Treker came from our own worries of our children having to stand outside, especially in bad weather, not knowing whether or not the school bus will be on time.

Parent App

Peace of mind in the palm of a hand. Parents receive alerts that the bus is coming, so they can finish getting the kids ready and off to the bus stop. They’ll also be notified when their children are safely aboard the bus, and when they’ve arrived at school. Same goes with the ride home. They can even track the bus in real time along the route.

  • Estimated arrival time

  • Real-time tracking

  • Authorize additional tracker

  • Alert via App

  • Alert via SMS

  • Alert via Automated Call