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Meeting the requirements of Senate Bill 1072

As a company committed to child safety above all, our goal is to be the industry’s most trusted resource in helping school districts comply with Senate Bill 1072. Also known as the Paul Lee School Bus Safety Law, the bill is named in honor of Hoon Jun “Paul” Lee, who died after being left on board a school bus at the end of a shift.

We’re currently working hand-in-hand with California school district leadership to adapt our technology to fit the justifiably stringent demands of the law. Please check back soon, as our webpage will be updated with specifics on the law’s requirements, along with detailed information on how our technology meets these demands.

Bill Author

No parent should fear that their child will not return
home safely at the end of the day.

Senator Tony Mendoza

Member of the California State Senate from the 32nd district, former teacher, father of four.