School Administrator Portal

We’ve developed feature-rich tools for administrators, drivers and parents.

Because our kids benefit most when we’re all at our best.

Administrator Portal

With Treker, you’re in command of your fleet. Track individual vehicles in real time, and see the whole picture with bus radar. Ensure every student on every bus is accounted for with a live passenger manifest. Create detailed reports that include dates and time stamp logs. You can even retrace each bus run to review stop times and route efficiency.

  • Fleet management

  • Detail report, actual date/ time stamps log

  • Re-run, retrace the full historic run

  • Real-time tracking

  • Live passenger manifest

  • Bus radar

  • Bus Driver Tablet

    The Treker tablet is a powerful device that features real-time GPS with all stops visible on the map. There’s a photo-based student manifest showing who gets on and off at each stop, plus visual and audio alerts in case a rider gets off at the wrong location. Easy to use and simple to store, this may be the best thing drivers have gotten ahold of since the steering wheel.

  • Route guide

  • Check in and check out alert

  • Comprehensive pick-up and drop-off

  • Parent App

    Peace of mind in the palm of a hand. Parents receive alerts that the bus is coming, so they can finish getting the kids ready and off to the bus stop. They’ll also be notified when their children are safely aboard the bus, and when they’ve arrived at school. Same goes with the ride home. They can even track the bus in real time along the route.

  • Estimated arrival time

  • Real-time tracking

  • Authorize additional tracker

  • Knowledge is power.

    Learn firsthand how Treker can help increase safety, transparency and accountability for your school district.